Selection screen plus new car!

Hey everyone!

Kitten here. Sorry, it’s been a while! We’ve been working hard on different game mechanics, including redoing hijacking. After the form- feedback we’d received (and even slightly before) we realised that the rapid button-tapping was painful for people's fingers! We're still working on reimplementing this hijacking mechanic so we can have it out for the next prototype update!

 In addition, Patrick’s added a police car into this prototype version. This not only ties in with the story as police cars will be on the road (hence why you have to ‘blend in’ with traffic whenever they are around), but also connects with the introductory mission, where you have to try and counter a police hijack! We also added a fun selection screen to make it so you can choose your starting car.  NOTE: It is intentional you cannot select the police car.

We’ve also finally come up with a suitable game name as well- Wheel Steal! This fits the game as -we can finally reveal- your main character is a wheel! These floating wheels are the ‘’people’’ of this world.  More on this soon.

Unfortunately we also recently discovered that has a time limit on posts before it archives them! So moving forward, devlogs will be here. We will port over the old devlogs soon.

Download the latest builds here

Patrick & Kitten

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Jul 25, 2021

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